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The Snowflake Story
The snowflake story begins with a beautiful baby girl, perfect in every way. As her mind developed VERY quickly, physically she developed a little more slowly than the average baby. At 3 1/2 she could not walk without the aid of a walker and had "low muscle tone." My wife and I prayed fervently as we took her to the Mayo Clinic for tests. Nothing confirmed any diagnosis, but the doctors believed she had a disease called Dejerrine-Sottas Disease, which is a degenerative neurological disorder. They told us it would get worse from the elbows down to the hands, and the knees down to the toes. Eventually she would need a wheelchair. My wife believed they were wrong...

A few weeks later we traveled to a Lady of All Nations Prayer Retreat in Peoria. Fr. Paul Maria Sigl, the retreat leader, has a glove that once belonged to Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina. He blessed all three of us and told us, "...This is a very special child. She will be healed, but not right now..." Three days later a chiropractor, Dr. Troy Higley called to tell us that our family chiropractor, for whom he had interned, was not helping Claire, but that Dr. J. Richard Burns could and would help. Dr. Burns adjusted Claire one day, and the next day she could walk without her walker. She could also do countless things she could not have done the day before. A miracle? We think so. Claire has continued to grow stronger and stronger over the last 10 years.

A few months later, as Christmas neared, the Mayo Clinic was calling to ask us to pay the bills incurred there. My wife (a stay-home mom) and I (a teacher) were barely making ends meet, so we prayed that, as much as we love Claire, she is a little more expensive than most children! If God healed her, surely He could help with our bills. We put our trust in Him...

One evening I was cutting snowflakes for our large picture window. As I cut trees and angels in the snowflakes, an idea formed. If I could cut angels and trees, I could cut the Grinch and Cindy Lou Who. That done, I knew I could do Santa and Rudolph. Next, the Holy Family; the shepherds; the Magi. My wife kept complimenting my handiwork, but also asking what I would do with all of these designs...

Proud of my snowflakes, I took them to school to show my colleagues. Suddenly people were asking if they can buy them - sometimes 3 or more at a time. "It's just paper," I kept thinking. After Christmas people started getting their own ideas! Could I put their dog in a snowflake? Lighthouses? Bass fishing? A Norwegian design? The list grew daily till I was cutting snowflakes in all my spare time! Then a fellow teacher came with a list of the activities in which her daughter had been involved throughout high school. She asked me to make "Sarah's high school story" into a snowflake! Since she thought I could do it, I gave it a try. Thus were my personalized snowflakes born. People came to me with lists for gifts to be given for anniversaries, retirements, more graduations, birthdays, weddings, Christmas, and sometimes just to tell a story, just because! And in six months the Mayo Clinic bills were paid. I have appeared on local television and in local newspapers, and have formed a business. "Claire" means clear, and I visualize the designs before I cut them, so my business is Clear Visions.

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